About Denise Nichols


 Denise Nichols

Denise began her career over 20 years ago as a real estate assistant to Jon and then 3 years later obtained her real estate license as an agent. Before being a realtor, Denise had always been a busy woman. Having been the mother of 4 boys (and now 6 grandchildren) in the early years, but always assisting her husband in whatever business ventures they decided to pursue. Running their own janitorial business, starting up two successful businesses: an autobody shop as well as a Health Food Store combined with a Christian bookstore. Working with the public and enjoying establishing relationships and helping people be the best they can be has always been a passion of Jon and Denise’s.

Over the years there have been many opportunities to take personal growth programs and extensive seminars on building her business and how to best service the public she works with. One of the programs that has benefited Denise and allowed her to share what she has learned is a program called Choices, allowing her to be able to understand her clients, by taking a seminar on “Colors”,  to find that perfect property that would suit their needs. Denise is always evaluating and searching for ways to give the Ultimate Service that her clients deserve. Always, listening to what the client wants and can afford has been vital in the success that Denise has obtained over the years.

Having the respect and relationship with other realtors as well has been a real factor as well. She looks at other realtors as part of her team as well.

Providing the best information possible, so that her clients can make the best decision possible in their situation and for their situation is key.